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Strandgatan 6 P.O. Box 1319, Visby, SE, 62124

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Perfectly poised along the ancient trade route between Western Europe and Russia, Visby is known to have been an important trade center right from the Viking era. The Hanseatic town of Visby is today one of the best preserved medieval walled towns of Northern Europe, and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. Encompassed within the confines of the ancient town walls are a number of church ruins, storehouses, homes and other structures that have survived since their completion in the years that lay between the 12th and 14th centuries. The layout of the town itself has remained largely unaltered, creating a modern day town that has remained true to its roots; a town that is in itself a chronicle of the lives and lifestyles of those who have resided here since its establishment. Although the structures have been modified over the years to suit the changing needs of the townsfolk, the newer additions remain seamlessly interwoven with their medieval origins. Due to its location on the island of Gotland, Visby is only accessible via air or sea. It is today a popular vacation spot for Scandinavians and attracts a multitude of tourists each year who are drawn in by its scenic beauty, culture and historical heritage.

Visby, 621 56

»Visby Cathedral

The Visby Cathedral in Visby with its medieval structure is one of the oldest surviving places of worship in the city. Its denomination is under the Church of Sweden and is administered by the Diocese of Visby. It was part of the Reformation that took place during the 13th Century. The cathedral's structure dates back to 1225, though renovated in 1980.

Västra Kyrkogatan 2
Visby, 62156

»Hejdeby Church

The Hejdeby Church on the Gotland island is operational under the Diocese of Visby. The church dates back to the 13th Century. Its interiors feature frescos from the 15th Century, a 13th-century triumphal cross and a wooden baptismal font.

Visby, 62176

»Bro Church

The Church in Bro is the major tourist attraction in Bro settlement of Gotland. The church's medieval structure is completely made out of stones and legends have it that the current structure dates back to 1240. It highlights rich Romanesque style of architecture. The interiors comprise of carvings and paintings from biblical scripts and also of the Passion of Christ.

Route 148
Visby, 62173

»Tofta Church

One of the oldest churches to be built on the island of Gotland, Tofta Church represents medieval Lutheran principles and was characterized by its simple yet striking architecture. The oldest part of the church dates back to the 12th Century, but over the years various renovation efforts have been made on both the exterior and interior. As a result different historical items have been frequently found here out which the baptismal font is the most significant. The structure also includes elements of Baroque architecture like the pews and the pulpit.

Off 714
Gotland, 622 70

»Martebo Church

The Martebo Church in Gotland dates back to the 13th Century. Its structure reflects Gothic style of architecture. The church is famous for its many medieval sculptures.

Visby, 62440

»Källunge church

The Källunge church is the parish church of Källunge. Its art work and frescos in the interiors along with its structure highlight rich Byzantine style of architecture. The church houses a portrait of Nyckelharpa.

Visby, 62179

»Hörsne Church

The Hörsne Church in Gotland is run by the Diocese of Visby. The current Gothic structure of the church replaced the earlier Romanesque structure, blended with a touch of medieval features. The church is known for its sculpted portals.

Visby, 62258

»Stenkyrka Church

Stenkyrka Church is one of the oldest churches on Gotland island. A Romanesque house of worship existed on the present church's site whose few traces have been unearthed. Stenkyrka Church was built in the 13th Century and one of its most striking features is its gigantic towers. The church also features a Gothic style portal and two fine Romanesque portals. Its interiors are ornately done up with frescoes from different centuries.

Romakloster, 622 44

»Tingstade Church

The Tingstäde Church in Gotland is operational under the Diocese of Visby. Dating back to the 12th Century, the church's structure boasts of a complete Romanesque styled structure. Legends have it that the church was earlier used to house refuges who were awaiting their court hearings.

Tingstädevägen 44
Visby, 62444

»Gothem Church

The Gothem Church on Gotland follows the Diocese of Visby (Sweden). The church's structure dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries. The present day Gothic structure is possibly built on the site of two former churches. The first one was substituted by a Romanesque church made in stone. A choir seat and a church bell dating back to the 14th Century are also found inside the church while the Baroque furniture is another prominent attraction.

Visby, 62430

»Fröjel Church

Built on a medieval site, Fröjel Church is a Lutheran house of worship on Gotland island. The church also served as a refuge place during emergencies. The church's tower dates back to the 12th Century while other elements date back to the 14th Century. The chancel has some 14th-century art works which are of notable importance. Its 17th-century pulpit is also adorned with some arresting paintings. Ancient frescoes found inside the church depict lions, deer, bishop and an angel.

Klintehamn, 623 55
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