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Hamnplan, Varberg, SE, 432 44

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»Varbergs Kyrka

Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the marketplace in Varberg, Varbergs Kyrka serves as an active institution of faith to the locals. The church was rebuilt during 1769-1772 after it was destroyed in the city fire in 1767. This church is believed to be one of the oldest and biggest churches in the parish of Varberg. Built in neoclassical style, the interiors are adorned with a 19th-century pulpit, glass painting by the artist Johan Thomas Skovgaard, a wooden baptismal font and a sacristy as old as 1961.

Kungsgatan 19
Varberg, 432 41

»Bexell Cottage

Bexell Cottage is a peasantry home which earlier belonged to Jöns Jönsson, who sold the house to Alfred Bexell. Varberg was not always the original location of the Bexell Cottage, it was constructed in the late 17th Century in Sweden's small locality called Harplinge. Alfred Bexell bought the cottage with a view to conserve the home into a museum in order to showcase how a peasant home looked. Authentic 19th-century tapestry that adorn the cottage's walls is its striking feature, in addition many other peasantry articles are also kept intact for visitors. 

Träslövsvägen 1
Varberg, 432 43

»Getteron Nature Reserve

The Getteron Nature Reserve is one of the area's most popular birdwatching destinations. The reserve is spread across an area of over 350 hectares that covers the Getteron peninsula and a part of the area to its north. These wetlands are home to a rich and diverse population of birds, including species like the black-tailed godwit, little tern, pied avocet and peregrine falcon. The visitor center organises lectures, guided tours and various other events to help visitors make the most of their visit to this natural wonderland. The center also boasts several exhibits that depict the various bird species that visit the reserve throughout the year.

Varberg, 432 93

»Gamla Varberg

The Gamla Varberg is a splendid nature reserve that is centered around a hill that goes by the same name. The presence of a Bronze Age cairn at the top of the hill suggests that the area has long been touched by the influence of man. 19th-century maps of the area suggest that the hill and its surrounding heathland were used as grazing fields, and bore only sparse signs of human settlement. This splendid landscape has been lovingly restored and is home to a number of heathland species of flora including shore arrowgrass, marsh gentian and wild thyme. Those who make it to the top of the hill, are afforded spell-binding views of the coast and Balgo island. The reserve is easily accessible via road and public transport.

Off 845
Varberg, 43295

»Varberg Radio Station

Varberg Radio Station at Grimeton is a monumental landmark in the city Varberg and a designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It was built between 1922 to 1924 as a VLF transmission facility used to transmit shortwave transmissions, FM and TV broadcasting. Nestled amidst beautiful landscape, this Grimeton facility is the only one left from the global network with 18 alternators.

Grimeton Radiostationen 72
Varberg, 432 98


The Gasslosa nature reserve in Varberg boasts a landscape that is richly endowed with natural beauty, and is home to a variety of plant and animal species. The reserve is centered around the Böstesberget hill, which on clear days rewards all those who scale its slope with splendid views of Kattegat. As you explore the beech forests of Gasslosa, you may spy birds like the great tit, green woodpecker and European pied flycatcher as they flit through the lush, green canopy formed by the trees. If you are lucky, you may even spot an elk, deer or hazel dormouse. The stream fills the air with its soothing sounds as it flows through the ravine. In spring the forest is awash with blooming flowers while in summer ferns and lichens abound. Teaming with nature's bounty around every corner, Gasslosa is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Off Route 153
Varberg, 430 16


Skärte is an idyllic nature reserve situated in the municipality of Varberg in Sweden. It stretches over an area of 18.2 hectares (45 acres), and at present, Halland County Council manages all affairs pertaining to the same. The site comprises of two lofty hills, a ravine and the picturesque Stenån stream. Most of the area is shrouded with oak trees, though several rare plants like Remote Sedge and Ostrich fern are also found here.

Varberg, 43017


Skarback is a spectacular nature reserve situated in the heart of Varberg district in Sweden. It is the intermediate green space located between the lakes of Humsjön and Skärsjön, and is a minor fragment of the much larger Åkulla Beech Forests. This place is perfect for hiking, fishing, boating and cycling. Several hiking trails exist here, which meander through the entire expanse of the reserve. This place is the natural habitat for several rare species, including some varieties of lichens. For further information, kindly contact the site.

Off Fastarpsvagen
Varberg, 43277


Spanning over the northern half of Vendelsö island and Brattö, Norstön, Kidholmen, and Älmö islands in the Vendelsöarna archipelago is a beautiful nature reserve which is home to many exotic and endemic birds. Some of the species of birds which are found here includes Redshanks, Eurasian Oystercatchers, and Ringed Plovers as well as a large number of sea-gulls. The landscape here is in the form of an open grassland with Calluna, grass heath and juniper trees as well as herbs like Catsfoot, Wild Thyme, Common Milkwort, Radiola linoides, and Chaffweed by way of flora. Shallow coastal areas are home to fish and invertebrates. Although the place is very popular as a picnic destination and truly worth seeing, people are prohibited from going there during the months of April and June since this is the breeding period for the birds.

Off E20
Varberg, 43265

»Vinberg Nature Reserve

Feel close to nature as you visit the Vinberg Nature Reserve. Located in the south of Falkenberg, this nature reserve houses rare ferns and plants. Spread across 34 acres (13.75 hectares) of land, this nature reserve is situated alongside the Vinån rivulet which is home for various species of fish including salmon. You can go bird spotting with your loved ones as this dense reserve houses different species of birds. Spend a peaceful day amidst nature away from hectic schedules.

Vinberg Nature Reserve
Falkenberg, 311 99


Located in Sweden, Sumpafallen is a nature reserve spread across 139 acres (56.25 hectares) of land. This reserve is home to some of the rare species of plants and is a place of national interest for preservation of the same. Situated alongside the tributary of river Ätran, you will find brown trouts, freshwater pearl mussel and salmons here. Enjoy a peaceful outing at Sumpafallen with your loved ones as you spot birds on a beautiful morning.

Falkenberg, 31060


Stättared offers a fun time even as you camp with several animals. Open throughout the year, the farm welcomes you to marvel at the spellbinding surroundings and spend some relaxed time at the barn. The farm also organizes several informative sessions where visitors learn some interesting facts about the in-house species. Visitors can also explore the pastures and the paddocks even when Stättared remains unmanned.

Stättaredsvägen 438
Veddige, 432 66
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