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    »Halv Grek Plus Turk

    Here, the exotic meets the trendy. At Halv Grek Plus Turk, which literally means "a half-Greek and a Turk", the outcome is an exciting mix of the modern and the traditional. The eastern part of the Mediterranean is noticeable in both the decor and the food. Reservation is required. Check out the beautifully designed bar.

    Jungfrugatan 33
    Stockholm, 114 44


    This place is known for its great salads and even better pastries. Foam is usually packed, so don't be surprised if you are asked to wait for a table. This trendy cafe is tastefully done up. International and national magazines are strewn on the tables. So catch up on the latest gossip, while you sip on some coffee. It's also a great place to hang out with friends.

    Karlavägen 75
    Stockholm, 114 49

    »The Londoner

    With a giant Union Jack hanging over the bar, this is a watering hole in the true spirit of an English pub. You can have a beer with fish and chips, a meal that would complete anyone's day with a smile.

    Karlavägen 52-54
    Stockholm, 114 49


    In the Karlaplan neighborhood, there are surprisingly only a few restaurants that are worth a visit. The Cuckoo is one of them. It is a comfortable restaurant, with a bar. If you are lucky, the fluffy cushion seats next to the window will not be occupied. It's done up in a decor that is very common to New York restaurants. It's stylishly decorated, with it's high ceiling and walls covered in black-and-white photos of movie stars. Everyone is welcome at the Cuckoo, including children and dogs. There is a separate bar menu with options, such as club sandwiches or hamburgers.

    Artillerigatan 56
    Stockholm, 114 45


    No, it has nothing to do with your IQ or EQ, but with "Gastronomic Intelligence" which the restaurateur is well-endowed with. GQ  has gained popularity for the authentic French cuisine served here. Contrary to the simple and unpretentious interior; the food is exotic and tempting. The exclusive dinner menu includes amuse-bouche, chanterelle tortelleni and roasted reindeer with pine nuts. And to end this delightful course, you have irresistible chocolate cake and premium wines. Prepared on the basis of Montignac diet regime; the health-conscious can devour the dishes without fretting over extra calories!

    Kommendorsgatan 23
    Stockholm, 114 48


    Aubergine restaurant, established in 1994, is located in central Östermalm. Rated as an excellent eatery by both tourists and locals, it boasts of a French-Swedish menu. What's more, you will find a giant aubergine cheerfully sitting at the bar! Check the website for further details.  

    Linnégatan 38
    Stockholm, 114 47


    Hotellet at Linnégatan 18 is a new and welcome addition to the Stockholm night-life. The enormous and open premises are smartly and sparsely decorated. One floor is a huge dining hall with room for over 200 guests. On the ground floor is a large bar and the mezzanine level is home to a comfy lounge. The décor is pop-artsy and slightly 1960s-style. The noteworthy seafood bar is run in co-operation with Melanders Fisk in Östermalmshallen. You can have a special seafood platter consisting of half an American lobster, half a boiled crab, Swedish oysters, Irish oysters and fresh prawns are also available.

    Linnégatan 18
    Stockholm, 114 47

    »Östra Bageriet

    Östra Bageriet is located near the train station and has the same atmosphere as stations all over the world have. Tired passengers arriving in the town find it relieving to buy Östra's hot and tasty delicacies prepared here. Around since 1921, the bakery sells and delivers breakfasts and lunches, at reasonable rates to locations nearby.

    Valhallavägen 75
    Stockholm, 114 27


    Elverket serves innovative crossover food with influences from the Caribbean and South America. Its close proximity to the Royal Dramatic Theatre makes it the favourite hangout of theatre actors and celebrities. The bar serves a variety of drinks and is quite popular among the patrons.

    Linnegatan 69
    Stockholm, 112 12

    »Primewine Bar

    Sample world renowned wines, as well as some of Sweden's most acclaimed here at Primewine Bar. The menu offers cuisine such as steak tartare, eggplant Parmesan, beef carpaccio, grilled sea bass, and other delicious treats. The decor features wine glass chandeliers, embellished reflective foil ceiling, and high top window tables. Perfect for a long lunch or evening out, Primewine Bar is a must experience for Stockholm.

    Östermalmstorg 5 B
    Stockholm, 114 42

    »Café X

    The atmosphere at Café X differs from other cafés in town. Once inside, you'll feel transported to some central European cafe and not in Stockholm. Cafe X serves coffee, fresh juice, and toasted sandwiches.

    Nybrogatan 28
    Stockholm, 114 39


    Bullens café is located at Östermalm, close to Östra station. This cafe is popular for sandwiches and wraps, and is mostly frequented by students of the nearby Technical University.

    Vallhallavägen 71
    Stockholm, 114 27
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