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    »Zamek Sychrov

    Dating back to the 15th Century, the Zamek Sychrov is a magnificent castle built on the lines of the Gothic style of architecture. Adorned with beautiful facades, the castle houses within itself awe-inspiring French portraits and royal furnishings that would surely entice you. Besides that, the castle also holds a park in its premises which is neatly manicured so as to retain its archaic beauty. This park is home to a number of concerts, gigs and live musicals. Apart from that, the castle hosts private functions, corporate events and weddings in its premises.

    Sychrov 1
    Sychrov, 463 44

    »Fortress Josefov (Pevnost Josefov)

    Fortress Josefov was built in the 1700s in order to defend Austria from Prussia. Located outside Prague in Jaroměř, the circular fortress was intended to function as its own town. Despite its tumultuous history during the Napoleonic and two World Wars, the Military History Association has preserved the fortress. The site also plays host to a variety of events and music festivals. 30 miles worth of underground passages, a military cemetery, a museum, and various events makes this ancient site a must-see. If you're brave enough, take the 45-minute tour of the darkened, underground passages with candles as the only source of light.

    Jaromer, 551 01

    »Skull Chapel in Czermna

    This bizarre chapel was created in 1776 by the Czech priest Vaclav Tomasek.  He found human bones protruding from the ground which reminded him of his visit to an ossarium in Rome; he subsequently began his excavation and collection project.  Today, more than 30,000 bone fragments have been entombed in the chapel and the crypt, including the remains of the priest himself!  The chapel's walls are also built of bones, making it a rather morbid - and unique - tourist attraction.

    Stanisława Moniuszko 8

    »Festival Park - Airport Hradec Králové

    This spacious outdoor event location offers audience members the opportunity to see their favorite bands (often many all in one shot) out in the open, under the day or night sky, with soothing breezes blowing through their hair. What better way to experience music than in a setting that is as close to nature as the more primal elements of rock and roll? The fact that the place is located on the grounds of a former military base speaks volumes about the effect music has had on a once-closed society. Try as they might, the warmongers are losing, and peace and love and harmony are taking center stage.

    Letiště 98
    Hradec Králové, 503 41

    »St. Johanniskirche Zittau

    St. Johanniskirche is a prominent religious sight and a cultural venue in Zittau. This 13th-century church has kept an essence of its original charm with various renovations in the past. The church is the center of attraction in the city as it is also a major venue with classical and entertainment concerts, and exhibitions.

    Johannisplatz 1
    Zittau, 02763

    »Bezděz Castle (Hrad Bezděz)

    Bezděz Castle stands as one of, not just Prague's, but Europe's most well-preserved buildings from the 13th century. Its imposing views stretch as far as the eye can see. Don't miss your chance to experience something this unforgettable. Admission: Full CZK50, Reduced CZK25, Family CZK110.

    Správa státního hradu Bezděz
    Bělá pod Bezdězem, 471 62

    »Máchovo Jezero

    Máchovo Jezero is an artificial lake shoring the town of Doksy and Bezdez castle. The lake was set up between in 1366 and discovered by King Charles IV and got its current name in the year 1961. With its wide history, Máchovo Jezero offers a testimony to the past. With its beautiful surrounds and vast expanse of waters, a trip to the Máchovo Jezero makes for a great outdoors. The lake is in close proximity to major tourist attractions like the Bezdez Castle, the Houska Catle and the Zakupy Chateau.

    Máchovo Jezero

    »Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche Großschönau

    Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche Großschönau accounts for being one of the popular and prominent attractions of the city. The church's claim to fame is its rich history and it being the second largest church in the state. Built in the early 18th century, the church houses three galleries that are ornamented with beautiful frescoes and paintings by respected artists. The major crowd-puller is the altarpiece that explicates "Christ's resurrection" and is admired for its intricate art work. The church can welcome about 2000 worshipers at a time and holds many community events, musical evenings by gospel bands and so on.

    Hauptstrasse 55
    Großschönau, 02779

    »Kunětická hora Castle (Hradu Kunětická hora)

    This imposing structure dates from around 1421. Such a long history has seen this building through some rough times in the form of major ruination at the hand of the Swedes in the Thirty Years' War. Kunětická Hora saw some better times in the early 20th century when major restoration finally began.

    Státní hrad Kunětická Hora
    Ráby, 533 52

    »Castle Kunìtická Hora

    Castle Kunìtická Hora is set atop a hilltop near the city of Pardubice. The castle has great historical significance due to its role in the Hussite wars which took place in the earlier part of the fifteenth century. The castle is now a public place and houses a museum which displays several murals and other artwork depicting the era in which the castle was built in. Aside from the museum, the castle also occasionally serves as an entertainment venue and hosts concerts and shows.

    Ráby 25
    Ráby , 53352
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