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Clarion Hotel Spindleruv Mlyn

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Labska 111, Spindleruv Mlyn, CZ, 54351

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Located close the Polish-Czech border, Szrenica is a 1,362 meters (4,469 feet) high mountain peak popular for its ski runs and hiking trails. Chair lifts and ski lifts are available here and the top offers stunning views of the surrounding regions.

Off Szlak pieszy żółty
Szklarska Poręba, 58 570

»Jelenia Gora Valley

Jelenia Gora Valley is a scenic valley located in Poland. The valley is a picturesque beauty, marked by royal palaces, historic buildings and well maintained parks. Significant sights include Chojnik castle, Wojanów palace, Mysłakowice palace and Karpniki palace.

Jelenia Gora Valley
Jelenia Góra, 58-506

»Jizera Mountains

Jizera Mountains, also known as Izera Mountains, are truly the pride of Czech Republic. This rugged mountain range spans the borders of Czech Republic and Poland, and is undoubtedly a paradigm of nature's resplendence and splendor. Several rivers originate from these mountains, which includes the beautiful river Jizera. The highest part of this range is Wysoka Kopa, which lies at an altitude of 1,127 meters (3,698 feet). This place is the ultimate destination for winter sports like downhill skiing and snowmobiling.

Off 290
Bedřichov, 46812

»Smrk (Jizera Mountains)

Smrk, also known as Smrek, is a majestic mountain situated in the Liberec Region of Poland. It is located near the outskirts of the town of Lázně Libverda in Czech Republic, and is the highest mountain of the Jizera mountain range. Owing to this fact, it is often hailed as 'The King of the Jizera mountains'. It has a height of 1,124 meters (3,688 feet), and its peak provides sweeping panoramic views of Mount Sněžka. The awe-inspiring Lusatian Highlands can also be seen looming in the distance from here. The ancient Tabulový kámen stone monument adorns the summit. Don't give this place a miss if you love adventure sports and outdoors!

Off 290
Lázně Libverda, 46362

»Frýdštejn Castle

Located in the Czech countryside and perched atop a sandstone ridge, the 14th-century castle of Frýdštejn is a popular tourist attraction with its charming historical atmosphere and panoramic views of the surrounding towns from its high tower. Open from May to October, it offers visitors a peak into the medieval era of the castle when Hussites, fugitives, marauders, deserters and other criminals hid here from their hunters and royal authorities. Owned and maintained by the village of Frýdštejn, it is a must visit if you are history enthusiast touring the region.

Route 28724
Frýdštejn, 463 42

»Valdstejn Castle

Perched atop a hill surrounded by dense forests on the outskirts of Turnov, the Valdštejn Castle is a popular attraction among tourists for its rich history and picturesque location. Dating back to the medieval ages, the castle was occupied by noble families and robber barons, and has a pilgrimage church located in it. Its interiors are well preserved and beautifully furnished, and a definite must see for history enthusiasts visiting the region.

Off E442
Turnov, 511 01

»Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Krzeszów

Located in the village of Krzeszów in Poland, the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is perhaps one of the most beautiful churches in the country with work done by master artists such as Ferdinand Brokoff and Michael Willmann. Constructed in the early 18th Century, the church features opulent baroque architecture with ornate stone carvings, remarkable statues and imposing Doric columns. The interiors are simply breath taking with well maintained paintings, sculptures, ceiling frescoes, intricate relief work spread over different halls and chambers. An absolute must visit while touring the region.

Willmana Street
Krzeszów, 58 405

»Krzeszów Abbey

Featuring stunning Baroque architecture, the Krzeszów Abbey in Poland is an official historic monument of Poland and a popular tourist attraction as well. Founded in 1242, the abbey consists of the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and an additional residential building for monks, both of which are richly decorated with ornate sculptures, beautiful painting, intricate relief work and breath taking ceiling frescoes. With a long and tumultuous background, the abbey is a must visit for architecture and history enthusiasts.

Willmana Street
Krzeszów, 58 405

»Zamek Sychrov

Dating back to the 15th Century, the Zamek Sychrov is a magnificent castle built on the lines of the Gothic style of architecture. Adorned with beautiful facades, the castle houses within itself awe-inspiring French portraits and royal furnishings that would surely entice you. Besides that, the castle also holds a park in its premises which is neatly manicured so as to retain its archaic beauty. This park is home to a number of concerts, gigs and live musicals. Apart from that, the castle hosts private functions, corporate events and weddings in its premises.

Sychrov 1
Sychrov, 463 44

»Kost Castle

Located on the outskirts of Libošovice, the Kost Castle is a major historical landmark and a popular tourist attraction dating back to the 14th Century. Constructed for the Wartenberg noble family, it features remarkable medieval architecture with a trapezoid layout and a defense tower to protect the castle against catapult attacks. Today, it welcomes visitors during the months of April to October with special appointments required for visits in the off season. It also the venue for many local art exhibitions, concerts, performances and other cultural events. A must visit for history and architecture enthusiasts!

Route 27935
Libošovice, 506 01
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