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Clarion Collection Hotel Majoren

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Traadgaardsgatan 5, Skovde, SE, 54130

  • Phone: (46) 500 410610
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»Varnhems Klosterkyrka

Varnhem Abbey was established on site of an even older wooden church, in 1040s. It is one of the oldest building of its kind in Sweden. Built by Cistercian Monks from Östergötland, most of the place is in ruins, except the Varnhems Klosterkyrka, or the abbey church. Over the years, the abbey and the church has seen much destruction and reconstruction, including once in 1650s when Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie had it restored with an additional mausoleum that was dedicated to the his family. A final resting place to many important people such as Inge the Elder, Canute I of Sweden and Birger Jarl, to name a few, Varnhems Klosterkyrka is a popular attraction, thanks to the popularity of Jan Guillou's book Crusades Trilogy.

Off Axevallavägen
Varnhem, 532 73

»Varnhem Abbey

Located in between Skara nd Skovde, the Varnhem Abbey is a historical landmark of the rgeion as well as a popular tourist attraction. Founded in 1150, the abbey has the Cistercian Order and originally was built with a Romanesque style church. Later, the church as destroyed by a fire in the 13th Century and was reconstructed in the Gothic style which can still be seen today. Rest of the abbey buildings, however lie in ruins. A number of kings, knights, queens and other royal members belonging to the House of Eric are buried here. Today, it has a museum and cafe built for tourists.

Off 10 Axevallavägen
Skara, 532 73

»Skara Sommarland

Skara Sommarland is a plush amusement park located in a quiet corner of Gotaland. Although located miles away from major cities, the park nevertheless attracts nearly 35,000 visitors every year. The primary reason why the park is so popular among families, teenagers as well as tourists are its thrilling rides that promise an adrenalin rush. Besides its rides, the park also offers an on site restaurant and cabin rentals for those who wish to enjoy at the park for more than a day. Check website to know more.

Off Somarland
Skara, 532 92

»Kavlas Castle

Located a few miles away from Tidaholm, the Kavlås Castle is an architectural and historical monument of the region. Dating back to 1775, it was built for the Von Essen family who still maintain its ownership.

Tidaholm, 522 93

»Lake Hornborga

Spread over an area of 28 square kilometers (10.81 square miles), Lake Hornborga is a large natural lake in Sweden and a popular bird watching site. Every year during the migratory period, a number of cranes stay here attracting many tourists and bird watchers.

Hornborga Stommen 2
Falköping, 521 98

»Dagsnäs Castle

Located on the southern shore of Hornborgasjön, the Dagsnäs Castle is a remarkable historical and architectural monument of the region. Dating back to the 15th century, the estate was built for the Gumsehuvud family and has been restored by later owners in the 18th and the 19th Century. Today, it is privately owned by opens up to the public for three days in November while hosting its famous Christmas fair. A traditional Swedish festive events, it showcases over 100 exhibitors with local delicacies, crafts and entertainment performances on display.

Off 184 Route
Falköping, 521 94

»Skara Cathedral

Dating back to the 11th Century, the Skara Cathedral of Sweden is a remarkable historical and architectural landmark as well as a popular tourist attraction. Featuring stunning Gothic architecture, the cathedral can be easily spotted from nearby streets with towering twin belfries topped with imposing spires. A number of well preserved artifacts can be seen within its premises such as a medieval crypt for bishops, a relic of Christ (a thorn from his crown of thorns), a mausoleum, a treasury, relic pictures and old chalices belonging to important bishops. It is decorated with sculptures, carvings and a masterpiece of a stained glass window.

Södra Kyrkogatan 1
Skara, 532 30

»Gudhem Abbey

Located to the north of Falköping, the Gundhem abbey ruins are a popular tourist attraction visited by more than 23,000 people a year. Dating back to the mid-12th Century, it is considered to be one of the oldest monasteries in Sweden. Abandoned after a fire, the abbey remained important due to its neighboring structures of the Gundhem church and a museum which was built years later in 1900s. Many archaeological excavations were carried out here with the findings now on display at the museum. A guesthouse and a cafe are also located here for tourists.

Falköping, 521 94

»Helliden Castle

Located on the outskirts of Tidaholm, the Helliden Castle is a stunning historical and architectural monument dating back to 1858. Originally built as a manor house for Hans Henrik von Essen, it today serves as a design and craft university. During its heyday it was visited by many royal members and noted personalities who, as a tradition, left their signatures on the pillars near the castle entrance. The castle premises can also be rented out for private function such as meetings, conferences, parties and weddings. Accommodation facilities are available here as well. For further details, check the official website.

Von Essens vag 47
Tidaholm, 522 94

»Hjo Kyrka

The original church building of Hjo probably dates all the way back to the 12th Century. The building was severely damaged by a fire in 1799 and all that could be saved were a few fixtures. The church was then rebuilt around these fixtures, thereby mingling the Medieval with the Neo-Classical. The church has a sleek design with its turret, high spire and stained glass.

Regeringsgatan 12
Hjo, 544 22

»Hjo Stadspark

Stadtpark Hjo or the City Park of Hjo was established in the 1870s. Although it was initially meant to be a health resort, it is now an urban park that's open to all. Well-shaded areas, pretty landscaped grounds and ample opportunities for play are available here. There's a golf course, tennis court and even a chess facility - play what suits your mood. Apart from that, Stadtpark is home to many pretty sights such as sculptures, bridges, walking trails, flowerbeds and much more. The park is close to many restaurants and eateries, all in all a great place to spend the day, either playing, picnicking or relaxing.

Hjo, 544 33

»Gökhem Church

Dating back to the medieval ages, the Gökhem Church is considered to be one of the oldest stone churches in the Sweden. A Lutheran church, it features the Romanesque style of architecture and is famous for its remarkably well preserved wall frescoes from the 15th Century. Believed to the be the work of Master Amund, the intricate designs are painted in shades of blown, blue, grey and green and depict the Holy Trinity, saints, prophets, biblical scenes, the deadly sins and the seven virtues.

Falköping, 521 92
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