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    This is a family run pizzeria close to the sea. Simple, youthful and clean. In summer you can eat outside. The tables are well spaced and numerous but there is no area for non-smokers. The Bizzocchi family offer healthy and genuine cooking with a touch of "folklore" in everything they offer. Excellent pizzas, Crostini made with pizza pastry, pasta made on the premises and grilled fish. The prices are lower than average and there is no cover charge. Ideal for youngsters and families.

    71 Viale Giovanni Pascoli
    Rimini, 47900


    On entry to this extraordinary pub you may well be accosted by Captain Hook himself because this is an authentic galleon, the Bounty, that features a ship's crew, barrels, parrots and a ship's wheel in the basement of a hotel. In the midst of this rather entertaining idea, you can admire the skills of the barmen (or rather the storekeepers) as they whisk you up a cocktail, cook you a pizza or make you walk the plank to the dance floor. There are also hidden areas on the ship for those seeking intimacy, including a waterfall and the rooms of the poop deck.

    6 Via Carlo Maria Von Weber
    Rimini, 47900

    »La Brasserie

    True to itself for years thanks to its continued success, this is a somewhat special pizzeria where the lover of "health" food, biological products, "new age" food, as well as the simple gourmand in search of fanciful flavors can be accommodated. The wood furniture, warm and welcoming, but nevertheless extremely simple, immediately strikes you in the restaurant. The seats are folding chairs, uncomfortable by definition: however, they do have cushions. The small tables are too close together, but there is a room for non-smokers. The menu offers classic pizzas and a series of specials and a good selection of whole-wheat pizzas. In addition to pizza, the restaurant offers a nourishing series of first courses with whole-wheat pasta and rice or fresh pasta. The large mixed salads and crostini and crostoni (small and large toasted breads) topped in various ways certainly are worthwhile. The dessert section is fantastic: so many, so inviting and tasty, they are one of the Brasserie's strong points. The "cellar" offers few bottles (including some organic wines) and a modest selection of biologically natural beers. The prices are higher than average for pizzerias, but not one lira is badly spent.

    136 Via Lagomaggio
    Rimini, 47900

    »Pub Pinte

    This classic pub is on Rimini's inner sea front (the more popular one). The Pinte has managed to carve itself a large niche of the market through playing excellent live music and it has always been popular with foreign tourists. Recently, the pub's kitchen has started to sell really good pizza; a perfect accompaniment to their huge range of beers and cocktails. During the summer, it is worth sitting at one of the outdoor tables to sit sipping a drink and watching the people go by. It is a little less popular in the winter, but it is still fun.

    83 Viale Amerigo Vespucci
    Rimini, 47900

    »IO Street Club

    A cutting-edge restaurant from all points of view, the former Rock Hudson (which served milk from fake gasoline pumps) has changed itself in a thousand ways, offering its habitual and eclectic clientele very good performances and music one step ahead of other discotheques of the same type. During the winter, many very famous musicians stop in these parts, and it is not difficult to find Jovanotti, Articolo 31 or Samuele Bersani seated at a table drinking a beer while they listen to the rhythms played by the DJ Willy Sintuci. The musical selection ranges from Rock to Acid Jazz, from Groove to Tribal, but the variations are continuous and the rhythms so complicated that almost everyone is always dancing, from the cloakroom to bar. Friday night is for older clients, while Saturday night is strictly for the younger crowd; however, nothing stops you from trying them both. Slightly less crowded between June and August.

    Viale Vespucci 77
    Rimini, 47900


    The restaurant is located in one of Rimini's most neglected areas, between the railway and bus stations. It is therefore convenient if you are waiting to leave the city. There is one large room on two floors and you will feel completely at ease in the smaller room sitting at large, well separated tables on green chairs with gentle background music. The service is professional and courteous. The menu is typical of the area: grouper fishcakes, 'Moscardini' with potatoes and polenta, spaghetti with sepia, ravioli with 'Mazzola', gilthead, fried squid and Courgettes and many other fish dishes. The wine list is based on Emilia Romagna and neighboring regions.

    51 Via Roma
    Rimini, 47900

    »Le Logge di Borgo Marina

    Between the villas of obvious seaside architecture and hotels facing Viale Vespucci, this Osteria-Pizzeria is located at the boundary of Borgo Marina, today more commonly called Marina Centro. Recently opened (a little more than two years ago), it has been very successful amongst lovers of good pizza and the flavors of Romagnese tradition. Bright and welcoming, vaguely rustic, embellished with a series of hand-painted lamp shades. An even more pleasant place when you discover that there is a non-smoking room on the upper floor. Possibility of tasting the Osteria's cuisine (first courses made in house, simple second courses with intense flavor, salads and fanciful side dishes), but this restaurant's war horse is undoubtedly the pizza: the rich and flavorful garden, the intense taste of the Capricciosa, all just at the right thinness, fragrant, well cooked, and in no way dry. Note also the homemade desserts of Argentine origin: the tasty Dolce di Latte and the simple and rich bread cake.

    5 Via Trieste
    Rimini, 47900

    »La Cucina dei Teatini

    Strong colors and rarefied flavors. This is the definition which can be given to La Cucina dei Teatini, a restaurant arising in the homonymous square in the historic center of Rimini. Unusual atmosphere and nice details in this place, which deserves the name of "modern tavern" more than others. A restaurant of poor "design", but so different from the ordinary fake antiques so popular in restorations.

    3 Piazzetta Teatini
    Rimini, 47900

    »China Town

    This Chinese restaurant is located right in the center, about 25 meters from Piazza Tre Martiri, and opposite the Pellicano gelateria. The elegant interior has prints and paintings on the walls and good lighting. The staff are courteous and attentive. The menu is typical of Chinese restaurants with spring rolls, rice dishes, sweet and sour prawns and, surprisingly, veal curry. There is also beer and Chinese ice cream.

    5 Vicolo San Michelino in Foro
    Rimini, 47900


    This restaurant has a lovely view over the countryside of Montescudo, a quiet village close to the coast. A simple, perhaps rundown, decor that surprises with works of modern art on the walls. The lovely panorama seen from the terrace will please the eye. Appetizers deserving of mention are the Polenta and mushrooms, truffle canapés, veal in green sauce and Carpaccio with pine seeds. First and second courses include Tagliolini with pigeon ragù, Angus steak with roast potatoes, and grilled lamb and mutton. There is no choice of wines, just house wine on tap.

    1 Via Roma
    Rimini, 47900

    »La Bicocca

    Restaurant located in the center of Rimini, with a somewhat unassuming, dusty external appearance of no special appeal but which is nevertheless worth a visit because it offers dishes and flavors for those who like traditional cuisine.

    105 Via Santa Chiara
    Rimini, 47900

    »Osteria della Piazzetta

    This Osteria is in what many people would describe the most charming corner of Rimini: the area around the old fish market. The fish market has become part of the traditional afternoon walk in Rimini and has therefore attracted a couple of places where you can go to eat and drink something. The Osteria della Piazzetta is one of these.

    5 Vicolo Pescheria
    Rimini, 47900
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