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Stora Torget, Oskarshamn, SE, 572 33

  • Phone: (46) 491 160 60
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Practical Information

»Stora Alvaret

What might appear as an ordinary barren land, Stora Alvaret is a limestone patch on the Oland island in Sweden. It is believed that the limestone formations were a result of the glacial activities that took place here during the ice age. This site is of high significance and finds a mention in the listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One can find distinct and rare species of flora and fauna at the Stora Alvaret. 

Near Stenasavagen
Mörbylånga, 380 62

»Swedish Power AB

Swedish Power AB is known for their tours and bike trips in the woods. It is meant for people who are daring and adventurous as their trips do not offer the luxuries and amenities. This service is popular among bikers and riders who like to live by the road. Guided tours are arranged that include food, breakfast and accommodation services. Besides this, there are also many events related to bikes, races and road shows. There are also rooms for meetings and parties like bachelor parties and so on.

Tidersrum Linneberg Villan
Kisa, 590 40

»Fröjel Church

Built on a medieval site, Fröjel Church is a Lutheran house of worship on Gotland island. The church also served as a refuge place during emergencies. The church's tower dates back to the 12th Century while other elements date back to the 14th Century. The chancel has some 14th-century art works which are of notable importance. Its 17th-century pulpit is also adorned with some arresting paintings. Ancient frescoes found inside the church depict lions, deer, bishop and an angel.

Klintehamn, 623 55

»Tofta Church

One of the oldest churches to be built on the island of Gotland, Tofta Church represents medieval Lutheran principles and was characterized by its simple yet striking architecture. The oldest part of the church dates back to the 12th Century, but over the years various renovation efforts have been made on both the exterior and interior. As a result different historical items have been frequently found here out which the baptismal font is the most significant. The structure also includes elements of Baroque architecture like the pews and the pulpit.

Off 714
Gotland, 622 70

»Hablingbo Church

Built of sandstone, Hablingbo Church's earliest element is its tower dating back to the 12th Century. While its sacristy was built in the 18th Century, the choir and the Gothic nave date back to the 14th Century. A Lion Portal found at the doorway of the Romanesque place of worship remains one of its most elaborate architectural feature. The carved portal is revered as one of the most striking works of Romanesque architecture in modern-day Sweden.

Off 140
Visby, 62342

»Malexander Church

Dating back to 1881, the Malexander Church is a historical and tourist attraction. It is built on the site of a former wooden church and serves the municipality of Boxholm. Made of stone, it is somewhat of a local landmark with its remarkable architecture and towering spire topped building.

Kyrkovägen 3
Boxholm, 590 14

»Sundre Church

Nestled on the scenic isle of Gotland, Sundre Church was originally constructed as a place of worship for a big farmstead. The medieval church's history dates back to the 12th Century when a wooden church was first built. Few remains of the first church are exhibited at Visby's Museum of Gotland. Sundre Church portrays a Romanesque architecture whose interiors are adorned with medieval painting portraying Passion of Christ. A 14th-century organ is the most striking element and is exhibited at Museum of Gotland.

Oja Prastgareden 136
Burgsvik, 623 31

»Vamlingbo Church

A striking Gothic structure, Vamlingbo Church dates back to the 14th Century. A stave edifice was the earliest place of worship which existed here but was replaced by a stone church built in Romanesque style. The present structure is a medieval one found on Gotland island. Several murals are as old as the church. A large painting on the nave's north portrays Michael evaluating Emperor Henry's spirit. The pulpit and the reredos date back to the 17th and 13th Century respectively.

Vamlingbo Rectory 160
Burgsvik, 623 31

»Grötlingbo Church

Various archaeological discoveries suggest that the site of Grötlingbo Church has been occupied by a stone church since the 12th Century. Grötlingbo Church remains a medieval edifice on Gotland island. Made of locally quarried sandstone, the church has Gothic windows and a Romanesque tower. One of its most striking architectural features is its baptismal font designed by noted sculptor Master Sigraf.

Prastgarden 203
Visby, 623 38

»Alva Church

Found on the picturesque Gotland island, Alva Church is a Romanesque marvel constructed in the 13th Century. While its tower was built in the 14th Century, the crucifix and the wall frescoes date back to the 13th and 16th Century respectively. The apse and Romanesque choir are its oldest elements which were built in the 12th Century. The striking triumphal cross and baptismal font sculpted by celebrated sculptor Hegvald are particularly of great interest. 

Off 142
Visby, 62346

»Hemse Church

The main prayer home of the town of Hemse on the island of Gotland, the Hemse Church was constructed in the 13th Century in a true Romanesque style. It was renovated several times over the ages and subsequent paintings and frescoes depicting different religious scenes were added to the interior. Upon renovation, previous wooden floors were discovered which led to the conclusion that the church was actually built upon the site of a former stave church. Today, the church caters to a thriving community and is involved in conducting various events and activities for the entire population of the small town.

Storgatan 22
Hemse, 623 50


Perfectly poised along the ancient trade route between Western Europe and Russia, Visby is known to have been an important trade center right from the Viking era. The Hanseatic town of Visby is today one of the best preserved medieval walled towns of Northern Europe, and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. Encompassed within the confines of the ancient town walls are a number of church ruins, storehouses, homes and other structures that have survived since their completion in the years that lay between the 12th and 14th centuries. The layout of the town itself has remained largely unaltered, creating a modern day town that has remained true to its roots; a town that is in itself a chronicle of the lives and lifestyles of those who have resided here since its establishment. Although the structures have been modified over the years to suit the changing needs of the townsfolk, the newer additions remain seamlessly interwoven with their medieval origins. Due to its location on the island of Gotland, Visby is only accessible via air or sea. It is today a popular vacation spot for Scandinavians and attracts a multitude of tourists each year who are drawn in by its scenic beauty, culture and historical heritage.

Visby, 621 56
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