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Dalbyvagen 38, Lund, SE, 22460

  • Phone: (46) 46 2800100
  • Fax: (46) 46 2800199
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Located to the south of Sweden, Lund is supposed to be one of the most ancient cities in Sweden which can trace its beginnings back to 990 A.D. It was the focal point of Christian missionaries in Scandinavia and still boasts of some gorgeous cathedrals and churches. Present day Lund is filled with students from across Sweden who arrive here in large numbers to avail of the superb educational institutions.

Lund, 222 33

»Holy Cross Priory

Holy Cross Priory is a significant historic landmark located in the heart of Dalby. It has its origins in the 11th Century and has over the years undergone several expansions and restorations. This granite Augustinian monastery exemplifies the Romanesque style of architecture and its sandstone baptismal font is said to be one of the oldest in Scandinavia.

Lundavagen 5
Dalby, 24750

»Vastra Hoby Church

Located to the north of Lund, Västra Hoby Church is a historic religious landmark. Built in 1886 to replace the old church, of which only the tower remains, it exemplifies a Romanesque architectural style. One of its walls features an oak altarpiece restored from the Cultural History Museum and dating back to the 15th Century. Other medieval artifacts include the baptismal font and church organ.

Off Ortoftavagen
Lund, 225 91

»Taxi Malmö

This company has a long and reputable history in Malmö. The rates are fair (but expensive as all thing are in Sweden), the drivers are friendly and generally speak English, and the service is prompt. They'll take you as far as Lund and the surrounding areas as well as anywhere in Malmö proper.

Murmasngatan 122
Malmo, 212 25

»Taxi Kurir

This taxi company serves Lund and Malmö and is the largest company in town. Rates can be steep but not inordinately so for the area.

Borrgatan 17
Malmo, 211 24

»Caroli Church

The Caroli Church is located in Sweden and can be dated back to the 17th Century. The church is known to conduct is services in the German language and hence the locals refer to it as the “German Church”. The church features a font which is carved in an oak. It houses two organs, one dating back to 1921 and the other to 1956. This red-bricked church is easily noticeable along with is beautifully designed mint roof.

Malmo, 21125


The Citytunneln station is a new link built to connect the main Swedish rail system with the Skånetrafiken rail lines that run across the Öresund bridge. The station contains shops, information centers and rest areas as well as the most modern and up-to-date transport facilities, as one would expect in a building so new and creatively designed.

Malmö Central Station
Malmo, 211 20

»Zlatan Court

The Zlatan Court football field is located in the district of Rosengard, in the southern part of Sweden. It is dedicated to Zlatan Ibrahimovic who was a Swedish professional football player. Situated in the Cronmans vag courtyard, the football field was inaugurated by Zlatan Ibrahimovic himself. Cronmans vag courtyard is where he used to play football in his childhood. It is of five-a-side type and recycled athletic shoes make up the pitch. The ball fence of the pitch is made of wood.

Bennets vag

»Buss Centrallen i Malmö

This central stop for all busses in the region is on Stortorget just outside the train station. Here you can get buses run by the local public transport agency, or those run by private long distance companies or tour associations. There are sheltered waiting areas and some news kiosks as well.



The Systembolaget chain of state-run liquor stores is an essential part of life in the country. Any beverage containing more than 3.5% alcohol (i.e. any beer or cider that's not ultra-light, wine, whiskey, vodka-in fact, any kind of hard liquor) must either be purchased from a business with a special liquor license (i.e. a bar, club or restaurant) or from one of these shops (you can order online too, but obviously that takes some time and is more intended as a service for Sweden's far-flung hinterlands). Prices are high (it's a monopoly after all), so shoppers intending to stock up for more than just a single party or evening's relaxation would do well to stock up on the lower priced bulk purchases or see what's on special.

Malmborgsgatan 6
Malmo, 211 38


Malmo is the third most populated city in Sweden. It was discovered during the 13th Century when it was considered a part of Denmark instead of Sweden. Though the city is in Sweden it has an oceanic climate due to its proximity to the Gulf Stream. Malmo is a very popular tourist destination in the north. It is not far away from the county's capital Stockholm which makes it possible for tourists to visit the stunning places in the capital. But Malmo has its own splendid attractions including the very popular man made beach, the Ribersborgsstranden and the architectural splendor, St. Peter's church. There also numerous options to shop and dine at, along with various entertainment venues hosting regular exciting events. For further queries about the city do call the tourist office and they will be happy to help you.


»Malmo Mosque

The Malmo mosque is located in a neighborhood called Jagersro villastad located in Husie, Malmo. It is considered as one of the second oldest mosques in Sweden and its administration is taken care of by the Islamic Center. The charter school is adjacent to the mosque. The school is also administered by the Islamic Center. Muslims from Copenhagen and Scania attend the mosque. The members of the organization speak about 130 languages. Around 1000 people attend the Friday prayers.

Vastra Skravlinge kyrkovag 1
Malmo, 21237
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