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Skeppsbrogatan 26, Kalmar, SE, 392 31

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Domkyrkan is a stunning archaic cathedral that is situated in central Kalmar. Dating back to the late 16th Century, this church is an excellent example of Swedish architecture with a Roman influence. From the pulpit, the organs, the altarpiece to the Psalm paintings, each and every structure inside this quaint edifice is a treat to the eye. If you are a true architecture buff, then the Domkyrkan is a must visit for you.

Kalmar, 391 21


The Gråborg castle is located on the island of Öland in Sweden. The castle can be dated back to the 6th Century. It is the largest castle in on the island and it is believed that the oldest parts of this structure date back to the 500s. The well preserved castle has three openings and has a few local legends that are popular amongst the natives here. In proximity to the castle, lies the St. Knut's Chapel, now in ruins, yet a good place to visit for those who find their interest in history.

Mörbylånga, 386 96


The island of Öland is Sweden's second largest and features both abundant natural beauty and lots of points of historical and cultural interest. Situated just across the strait from the province of Kalmar, the island is a thin strip of land composed of dunes, low hills, beaches and forests. The southern part of the island is composed of ultra fertile limestone fields and has been inhabited since the stone age. As such, it was inscribed into the register of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2000. The island is accessible by bridge and is open to private cars, but is also crisscrossed with bicycle trails and many visitors prefer to tour the island that way.


»Ismantorp Fortress

The Ismantorp Fortress is a ruined limestone ringfort located on the island of Öland, in Sweden. There are no exact dates of its origin but records state it has been there since 200 CE. It comprises of 95 houses divided in 12 blocks around a circular building, making it the largest ringforts of the island.

Borgholm, 387 93


One of the earliest houses of its kind on the island of Oland, the Halltorp can be dated back to the 11th Century. It has been listed as a World Heritage Site for its rich history and natural diversity. The manor was converted into a retirement home and then functioned as an inn. The manor went through a lot of restoration and renovation work over the years. The site is not only known for its historical significance but also for housing a several species of flora.

Borgholm, 387 92

»Solliden Kaffetorpet

Surrounded by pristine gardens, Solliden Kaffetorpet, also known as "Coffee Cottage", is a stunning white palace built in 1906 by Queen Victoria that is admired and visited today for its regal architecture, social events, exhibitions and the quaint cafe that serves delicious crepes, sandwiches, coffee and so on.

Off Highway 136
Borgholm, 387 94


Bergstigen, is a very ancient route that leads to Norway. Researchers and archaeologists have found flints, objects and tools in the adjoining area that were used during the stone age. It came into prominence during the fourteenth century and the path was frequented by warriors and soldiers during the war, from across the border. Currently, it serves as a mountain trail for adventure seekers and nature lovers, who like to explore Bergstigen trail and its scenic and historic surroundings. While you are in Sweden, do take a stroll along this historic trail.

Off Degerhamnsvägen 60
Mörbylånga, 380 65
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