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Stortorget 20, Helsingborg, SE, 25223

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The remaining fortifications of the once mighty Helsingborg castle are now known as Kärnan, or "the core" in English. They constitute only the keep, or central tower of the old fortress, but the insides of the building are fitted out with a museum of medieval life and warfare. The top of the keep also features a viewing area with stunning views of the city, the surrounding countryside, the Öresund and Denmark across the water.

Helsingborg, 252 23

»Mariakyrkan (St. Mary's Church)

Mariakyrkan (St. Mary's Church) took a good hundred years to be completed having replaced a small chapel that once stood in its place. Situated on a cliff, it shows amazing views of the city around. Although the facade might seem simple but it is actually amazing brickwork in a Danish Gothic style. Even though the church firmly established itself in the 16th Century or so, it is still perfectly functional. The beautiful church is definitely worth a visit.

Södra Storgatan 22
Helsingborg, 252 24


This scenic locality located on the southern peninsula of Sweden, is separated by the Øresund strait from the Danish mainland. Perhaps, one of the oldest cities of Sweden, the city was officially recognized in the early 11th Century and holds historic importance for both Denmark and Sweden. Known for its panoramic waterfront, the city is also rich in its cultural heritage. It hosts various cultural events on its waterfront which attracts tourists in large numbers. Various historical monuments like the Church of Saint Mary, Kärnan Tower, Sofiero Castle and park, museums, town halls, etc. gel well with the newly built commercial and residential sky-rises. A perfect holiday destination in a city which is well known for its amazing hospitality and cultural blend. Visit the tourism website for a virtual tour or call the information desk for more information.

Helsingborg, 251 89


Margaretaplatsen is a beautiful garden that houses the memorial of crown princess Margareta, thus giving the place its name. The park stands on Drottninggatan, a historical street in Helsingborg that is home to many historical monuments. A leisurely stroll in the park is refreshing, while the historical inscriptions of the memorial are enlightening. Head to Margaretaplatsen to know more.

Helsingborg, 252 22

»Ramlösa Brunn

The Ramlösa spring has been a source of famously pure, healthful water for untold centuries, but it wasn't until the 19th Century that intrepid entrepreneurs began to bottle it and export it. Since then, the brand has grown into a worldwide name and the water is now exported as far away as South Africa and New Zealand. The spring contains a whole complex for tourist enjoyment, viewing facilities, a tour of the factory gift shops and lovely outdoor grounds.

Helsingborg, 256 56

»Sofiero Park

Rich with floral beauty and greenery, the Sofiero Park is considered to be one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. Particularly known as a blooming garden of the Rhododendrons, the park was built surrounding the Sofiero Castle in the middle of the 19th Century by the Crown Prince and Princess, Margareta and Gustaf Adolf. The park also contains various historical monuments like the Labyrinth, a memorial stone placed inside the tea garden dedicated to the King Gustaf VI Adolf’s and various sculptures and sections. Open from April to September, the park is also a venue for several cultural, social and leisure activities like exhibitions, marriages, concerts, etc. Call ahead or visit their website for more information.

Sofierovägen 131
Helsingborg, 252 84

»Sofiero Slott

Sofiero Slott is an imposing structure that adds beauty and grandeur to the Helsingborg countryside. Its history dates back to 1905, when it was gifted to Prince Gustaf Adolf and his first wife as a wedding gift. When he succeeded to the throne, King Gustaf Adolf and Lady Louise Mountbatten; his second wife, made Sofiero their summer residence. The castle, beloved by the king was decreed to the people of the city upon his death so as to allow them to fall in love with it the way he had. The castle along with its magnificent gardens with its collection or rare flora are a favorite among tourists. Also in the park, is the beautiful memorial for the Queen in the form of Margaretaplatsen, a marble structure with a poem inscribed on it, which causes the visitors to swoon. On the whole, the palace gardens are also a popular venue for music concerts and famous artists such as Bryan Adams and Bob Dylan have performed here.

Helsingborg, 251 89

»Kronborg Castle (Kronborg Slot)

Built in 1574-85, Kronborg Castle is known throughout the literary world as the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet. The castle, which lies in a strategic position overlooking the entrance to the Sound of Øresund, burnt down in 1629 but was rebuilt in 1637 by Hans van Steenwinckel the Younger. Kronborg contains the 62-meter (203.4-foot) long Knight's Hall - one of the longest halls in Europe - and the famous statue of Holger Danske. Legend has it that when Denmark is threatened, the stone figure will turn into flesh and blood and rise in defense of the kingdom. Visitors to Copenhagen should not miss the opportunity to visit this fantastic Renaissance castle, which was recently added to UNESCO's World Heritage List. Admission fees vary depending on what part of the castle you want to see, so check the website for details.

Kronborg Slot 2C
Helsingør, 3000

»Sankt Olai Kirke

The Sankt Olai Kirke is a beautiful church in the city of Helsingør, where its history and architectural valor will captivate you.

Sanct Olai Gade 51
Helsingør, 3000

»St. Mary's Church (Sankt Mariæ Kirke)

Located at Sankt Anna Gade, the St. Mary's Church (Sankt Mariæ Kirke) is a religious structure rooted deep in history. The church underwent a number of structural changes in the early 20th Century and today stands as a marvelous piece of Danish architecture. A prominent feature of the church is a beautiful Baroque organ that was once known to be played by composer Dietrich Buxtehude. The church is known for it’s detailed and intricate frescoes that adorn the ceiling. Call ahead for details.

Sankt Anna Gade 38
Helsingør, 3000

»Øresund Aquarium (Øresundsakvariet)

In this aquarium you can admire the animals and fish that live in the resund. There are ten different tanks, each of them designed in order to create an environment for the fish to live as they would in resund itself. Each Monday and Wednesday at 1p you can watch the fish being fed. The aquarium is situated a bit north of Copenhagen, in Helsingr. A visit could be combined with a visit to Kronborg Castle.

Strandpromenaden 5
Helsingør, 3000

»Marienlyst Castle (Marienlyst Slot)

The Marienlyst Slot or castle reflects architectural brilliance. The castle interiors are exquisitely preserved and feature paintings that trace back to the 18th Century. Visit the site for an overview into its cultural history.

Marienlyst Alle 32
Helsingør, 3000
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