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    Manor is one of the largest department stores in Basel. The store still has a friendly atmosphere and on Saturdays it gets especially busy. Customers can choose between a range of goods as diverse as fish tanks and Swatch watches. There are five floors for women, men and children fashions, porcelain and glassware, electrical goods and the list goes on. The in-house deli is a must for foodies because it has an excellent selection of Southern European foods. The fish department is considered to be the best in Basel. All in all, a one-stop-shop!

    Greifengasse 22
    Basel, 4005


    It's like stepping back centuries, before the invention of the printing press, when you enter Scriptorium. The historic building completes the impression. You wouldn't be surprised if a monk, hands stained with ink, wandered past. This is the place for quills, fountain pens, seals, and other writing tools and even for calligraphy itself. If your fountain pen heirloom is causing you problems, come to Scriptorium, where they'll look after it with tender loving care.

    Rheinsprung 2
    Basel, 4051

    »Alex Wirth

    Alex Wirth took over this small family business in 1980 and has turned it into a cheese paradise in the last 20 years. You're hit by ripe aromas as soon as you enter the shop. Over 150 varieties make choosing difficult. But everyone is guaranteed to find something they like, be it mild or something a little stronger. Those in the know adore the different sheeps' and goats' cheeses, and if you're looking for a ripe stilton, Alex Wirth is the only place to come.

    Colmarerstrasse 10
    Basel, 4055


    Globus is considered the most stylish department store in Basel. Men, women and children with more than a little pocket money shop here. You can drop in here for some well known brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Shopping for clothes being just one side of this shop, you can will find a huge range of cosmetics, leather and  kitchenware, with some of the finest products. They also have all the condiments and pickles you could need. Even food products from all over the world, which allows amateur chefs to experiment and the visitors to taste a little of their homeland are available here.

    Marktplatz 2
    Basel, 4001

    »Bio Andreas

    The name Bio Andreas doesn't say much, really. After you've shopped there, they'll be synonymous with the words bakery and cafe. They use a wood oven and at certain times you can watch the logs being dragged indoors between sips of coffee. What is important, though, is the sale of bread of all kinds: olive dough cakes, Speckbrot (bread with fat), etc. The fruit cakes and other sweet treats are also delicious. Although they may seem expensive, they are well worth the money. Come, eat and enjoy.

    Andreasplatz 14
    Basel, 4051


    The 70's are experiencing a renaissance, particularly at Kangaroo, the second hand clothing store. Hideous meets extravagant meets cool here. Garments from other periods are also available. You don't even have to buy anything. It's often enough just to see yourself in a pair of flares and you're cured from the wish to add such garments from a different age to your wardrobe. It is possible to find nice clothes here, depending on your taste. With a little bit of luck you'll find something from Fifth Avenue or some other mundane area. It's also rumoured that many of Basel trends actually begin in this very shop.

    Andreasplatz 7
    Basel, 4051


    This toy shop on the Andreasplatz is perfect for children and those that have never quite grown up. Spielbrett stocks everything from puzzles and mind-games for adults to teddy bears and kites, as well as children's books and baby rattles. All products sold are high on quality, with the motto being lots of wood and not so much plastic. Everyone's favourite board games can be found here and there is a good selection of chess boards and figurines. Even if you don't intend to buy anything you can still pass a rainy afternoon here; with or without the kids!. The 3D puzzles and other unusual games that stimulate the mind are extremely popular and lots of the locals buy birthday presents here.

    Andreasplatz 12
    Basel, 4051


    If you thought all buttons were more or less the same then you obviously haven't been to Roosens, where you can buy them in all shapes and sizes. Buttons have never been so well-represented and customers are often at a loss about which to choose; not surprising when there are small roses made of wire, intricate porcelain buttons with Chinese faces on them, buttons in the shapes of wolves' or lions' heads, animals and flowers made of glass. All of the buttons are kept in drawers and children in particular love discovering what there is to buy. Roosens' collection could well be never-ending and the shop loves finding new buttons. The display cases in the entrance are like those in a museum and customers can even purchase a small book documenting the history of buttons and how they have been made.

    Grünpfahlgasse 8
    Basel, 4001

    »Roxy Records

    Looking for a record shop which sells more than chart hits? Come and browse the CDs at Roxy Records! They have everything from demo tapes by local bands to the heights of international jazz. They don't specialize in one form of music, but rather have a good selection across the board. New releases come with a hand-written commentary. This is a record shop with charm, in which the open-minded listener will discover something new.

    Rümelinsplatz 5
    Basel, 4001

    »Pep + No Name

    The crossover of art and literature is the theme at Pep + No Name. This photo gallery and bookshop can be found in a nice Old Town alley. The exhibitions are small and tasteful, and a large part of the bookshop is devoted to photography. Also one of the few bookshops in Basel with a good popular music section.

    Unterer Heuberg 2
    Basel, 4051

    »Bistro Lipresso

    Bookshop or restaurant? That is the question. The answer is not clear. Downstairs books (cookbooks, please note!) rule. After food and drink on the ground floor, you can wander downstairs and find a book to inspire your own culinary creations. You'll find histories of cookery alongside brightly illustrated books about your grandmother's baking. The menu is full of good simple snacks,and is constantly changing, so you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised at the start of each week. Unfortunately, they close early. The reason for this is that Lipresso is above all a bookshop.

    Leonhardsgraben 8
    Basel, 4051

    »Buchhandlung D'Souza

    The window of D'Souza bookshop, which is named after its owner, is full of the names of literary greats like Primo Levi, Osip Mandelstam, and Antoine de Saint Exupery. They exercise quality control on the books here as all the recommended books have been read by the owner. This shop's strength is literature, mainly in paperback, although bound volumes from the Manesse publishers are also available.

    Gerbergässlein 32
    Basel, 4051
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