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Route Cantonale Cully -- Suisse, Cully, CH, 1096

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»Cully Jazz

Cully is a municipality in the canton (federal state) of Vaud in Switzerland. Located in the district of Lavaux, Cully is picturesque and beautiful. The natural attractions like parks, gardens, lakes, rivers and so on in this little town attract tourists from all over the world. One of the major annual events taking place in the city is the Cully Jazz Festival which sees worldwide jazz performers entertaining teeming crowds. When in Cully, this festival is worth being a part of!

place de l'Hôtel de Ville 2
Cully, 1096


Magnificent steep slopes overlooking Lake Geneva and entirely covered in flourishing vines- that is the charming village of Chexbres defined in a nutshell. Part of the Lavaux vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the village is a quintessential wine lover’s haven and specializes in producing mainly fruity, dry wines that can be tasted in the village cellars. Visitors can explore the magnificent vineyard either on foot through the eight scenic trails where viticulture is described, or with the Lavaux Panoramic, the little tourist train with rubber tires. The vineyard train departs from Vevey and is the most feasible way to Chexbres and offers a breathtaking panorama along the way. The enchanting beauty of this village is an inspiration to several painters and photographers as well.

Chexbres, 1070


Located along Lake Geneva and stretching to the Jorat region and the Broye River, Puidoux is abounding with absolutely picturesque scenery and landscapes all around. A relatively quiet and calm location, the village is best suited for those looking to get away from the loud city life. Tourists here are given a very homely welcome and there are various cottages and restaurants serving delectable local dishes along with different varieties of red and white wine. It is also home to a well developed Fairplay Centre, a tennis, badminton and squash playing facility. It provides four outdoor synthetic clay courts, four indoor carpet courts with granules and four squash courts.

Puidoux, 1070


Established in 2011 as a result of the merger of the settlements of Cully, Epesses Grandvaux Riex and Villette, Bourg-en-Lavaux is a thriving community and serves as an important economic, cost and utility center in the region. Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, the town also forms the heart of the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An economically healthy town, Bourg-en-Lavaux works towards maintaining a diversified economic structure supporting the maintenance of workforce in the municipality. Also known for its robust wine making activities, there are various companies here producing fine collections of red and white wines.

Bourg-en-Lavaux, 1091


Idyllically set along the shores of the scenic Lake Geneva, Rivaz is an all-season vacation destination. This quaint little village is also the producer of some of the finest wines in Switzerland and is interestingly, the only municipality that is located in its entirety within the scope of the popular Lavaux vineyard terraces, thus making it a cultural place on the list of World Heritage Sites. In summer, the massive vineyards can be explored through the series of interesting hiking trails overlooking the Lake. The various charming cottages here are the best accommodation to enjoy enthralling views of lines of farms with the majestic Alps providing a picturesque background.

Rivaz, 1071


Stretching from Lake Geneva to the Jorat forest, the medieval village Lutry stands out in front the Lavaux vineyards. An authentic historic village, its origins can be traced to the Neolithic period. It is still characterized by its alleyways and numerous houses of merchants and noblemen dating from the 15th to 18th centuries. The village started out as a fishing village and a Roman castrum but owing to the Benedictine monastery founded in the 12th Century, it started exploring the field of making wine. A prestigious destination indeed, it is also home to a beautiful natural beach, two ports and lush green Alpine forests.

Lutry, 1095


With majority of the area of Saint-Saphorin coming under the terraced vineyards of Lavaux, the village is the go-to destination for true wine connoisseurs. Listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO, the terraces were once uncultivated and overgrown hillside, which was later shaped as a prosperous vineyard facing Lake Geneva and the Alps. The vines cultivated here are blessed with a delicate fruity flavor, due to the reflected alpine sunlight that falls on it.

Saint-Saphorin, 1071


Part of the Lavaux district, the municipality of Paudex is located along Lake Geneva and is nestled comfortably between the villages of Pully, Belmont and Lutry. A historic town, it still contains remnants of the various ancient buildings that once defined its origin. Over a period of time, this quiet village came under the throes of development and is now home to various international companies like the Centre Patronal, Nespresso Switzerland, Blancpain and more. Striking a perfect balance between scenic natural beauty on one side and urbanization on the other, Paudex has become a well established and sustainable location. It offers scenic views of the vast landscapes and the surrounding mountains in the background add to its charm. Its beach is coveted in the summer and is a popular spot for swimmers and walkers.

Lausanne, 1094


Pully is a small suburban town of about 18,000 inhabitants on the Eastern outskirts of Lausanne. This charming municipality rests on the shore of Lake Geneva and on the foothills of the Lavaux vineyards. It hosts the annual Pully For Noise festival, a summer event showcasing emerging punk and indie artists. 

Avenue du Prieuré 2
Pully, 1009


With the foothills of Mount Pilgrim in the background, the picturesque village of Corseaux is nestled between the Lake Geneva and the main highway. It extends right till the lake and towards the north, the famous vine village Chardonne can be accessed. The beautiful scenery and tranquility of the village, combined with close transportation routes, makes Corseaux an attractive destination, not only for tourists but also working people looking for a feasible residence. The world famous terraced vineyards of Lavaux can be easily accessed from this village and has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Facing the Lake Geneva and the majestic Alps, the vineyards here are known to produce some of the best known versions of red and white wines.

Corseaux, 1802


Vevey is a port town located close to the city Lausanne on the northern shore of Lake Geneva. This city is where chocolatier Daniel Peter invented Milk Chocolate in 1875. It is also home to one of the world's largest food giants Nestle, the headquarters of this company was established here in the year 1867. Besides this, Vevey is a town filled with rich culture and history.

Avenue de la Gare 25
Lausanne, 1800

»Scots Kirk, Lausanne

A welcoming and homely congregation of the Church of Scotland, Scots Kirk is a beautiful English Gothic Revival style building, dedicated to honor and preserve the name of Christ in the village of Lausanne. The members of the church are a diverse group and it is in fact encouraged that people of all ages, denominations and nationalities become a part of this community. A wide variety of activities are undertaken at the club including a weekly Bible Study Groups, a Scottish Country Dancing Club and an Art Group. Activities and games are also organized regularly for members of different ages.

Avenue de Rumine 24
Lausanne, 1005
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