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C. Sundts gate 9, Bergen, NO, 5004

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Outdoor Activities


Found close to the Kvan and Voss municipalities, Hamlagrøvatnet is a strikingly beautiful lake. Hordaland's largest lagoon, Hamlagrøvatnet lies to the east of the picturesque Bergsdalen canyon. Located at a height of about 588 meters (1929 feet) above the sea level, Hamlagrøvatnet serves as a basin on the Bergsdalselvi river which is home to four power stations. Hamlagrøvatnet is enveloped by several holiday lets and remains a popular tourist attraction. 

Fylkesveg 314
Voss, 5700


An enchanting lake in Voss municipality, Evangervatnet is titled after the Evanger village situated on the lake's eastern end. Vosso estuary runs its course through Evangervatnet and Vangsvatnet before merging with Bolstadfjorden. The old Bergensbanen rail route and E16 road run parallel to Evangervatnet's south shore. Its alpine north shore remains largely deserted. 

Hernesvegen 282
Voss, 5707


Situated in the Voss municipality, Torfinnsvatnet is a mesmerizing lake covering an area of 6.41 square kilometers (2.47 square miles). A dam is built on the eastern side of the lake which helps in regulating the water level for power generation at the nearby hydro-electric power plants. Torfinnsvatnet merges with Torfinno river before it eventually connects with the Hamlagrøvatnet lake. Boasting of a charming locale, Torfinnsvatnet remains a popular attraction.

Off Fylkesveg 314
Voss, 5700


Centrally located in the Voss municipality, Vangsvatnet remains a popular spot for a number of adventure activities including paragliding and kite surfing. The lake is christened after the Vangen region- Voss' ancient church site and its municipal center. The pristine Vosso river runs its course both through the Evangervatnet and Vangsvatnet lakes before it meets the Bolstadfjorden. The ancient Bergensbanen rail line and E16 route run adjacent to Vangsvatnet's north shore.

Vikjavegen 50
Voss, 5700


Bordering Modalen and Vaksdal municipalities in Norway, Skjerjavatnet is a pristine lake covering an area of 7.37 square kilometers (3.85 square miles). Located at a height of 964 meters (3163 feet), the lake remains a charming water body between the spellbinding valleys of Eksingedalen and Modalen. The lake's northeast and southwest ends are home to a reservoir which enables the lake to be used for generation of hydroelectric power. 

Fylkesveg 344
Vaksdal, 5728


Covering an area of 2.91 square kilometers (1.12 square miles), Lønavatnet is a quaint lake in Voss municipality. Nestled adjacent to the Strandaelvi river, Lønavatnet is also close to the tranquil hamlet of Vossevangen. E16 highway also runs parallel to Lønavatnet's west shore.

Fylkesveg 309
Voss, 5710


Nestled in the enrapturing Vikafjell mountain range, Askjelldalsvatnet is a beautiful lake lying at a height of 805 meters (2641 feet) above the sea level. The lake falls between the Eksingedalen and Modalen valleys and covers an area of 2.84 square kilometers (1.10 square miles). A dam is built at the lake's south end which helps in regulating the lake's water level and facilitates power generation at a hydro-electric power plant located nearby. 

Off Fylkesveg 344
Vaksdal, 5728


Offering some alluring views of the surrounding peaks and cliffs, Ringedalsvatnet is a tranquil lake in Odda municipality. The lake stretches up to an area of 7 square kilometers (2.7 square miles) and is found nearly 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles) to the east of Tyssedal village. The spellbinding Trolltunga cliff is nestled atop the lake and provides scenic vistas. Ringedalsvatnet remains a popular hiking destination.

Skjeggedal 1000
Odda, 5770


A picturesque lake in Hordaland's Odda municipality, Sandvinvatnet covers an area of 4.3 square kilometers (1.7 square miles) and offers breathtaking vistas over the surrounding region. The lake's east end is hugged by the dramatic Buarbreen glacier and the steep Buerdalen valley. To its east runs the scenic Norwegian National Road 13.

Riksveg 13
Odda, 5750
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