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  • Outdoor Activities

    »Mountain Bike BH

    Mountain Bike BH is a cycling society set up in 2008. They organize large events focused on promoting cycling for a greener city. They also host biking competitions, bike touring and adventure cycling events. Mountain Bike BH engages with the community through a Christmas project in less privileged areas of town, and through "Pedal in Silence," a silent ride to remember those who were killed in traffic accidents. Most of their events are for members only, but they also have the RUTs (Tuesday Urban Rides), nocturnal bike tours that happen every Tuesday and are free for anyone to join. They change routes every week and there will be two or three guides, but bikes and safety equipment are not provided.

    Praça da Liberdade, s/n
    Belo Horizonte, 30140-010

    »Minas Tennis Club

    Minas Tennis Club first opened in 1935 and has become one of the most important sports clubs and training centers in Brazil. The club has two units in the city center (Minas I and Minas II), plus a country club and a nautical sports club. They have athletes on the teams of seven Olympic sports: volleyball, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, tennis, judo and indoor soccer. The club has a fantastic infrastructure for the practice of sports and fitness, but use of facilities is for members only. Visitors can, however, go in to watch sports competitions, attend parties and other social events, or watch stage plays and concerts in their auditorium Teatro Bradesco.

    Rua da Bahia, 2244
    Belo Horizonte, 30160-012

    »Americo Renne Giannetti Park

    Also known as the "Municipal Park," Americo Renne Giannetti Park is older than the city itself. The park opened in 1897 and the city was planned around it afterwards, making it the pulsating heart of Belo Horizonte. It comprises an area of 180,000 square meters, where you will find hiking trails, sports and fitness facilities, a couple of theaters, snack bars and lakes where you can go rowing or paddling. It is a fantastic place to observe native flora and fauna as well, with over 280 species of trees and a wide range of birds. Small mammals such as skunks and marmosets can also be found roaming in the park. Everything you need for a lovely day out.

    Avenida Afonso Pena, 1377
    Belo Horizonte, 30130-000

    »Curral Hills

    The Curral Hills surround the city of Belo Horizonte and were elected its most representative symbol in 1997. The natural reserve around the hills spans for 400,000 square meters and is a protected area, allowing only 700 visitors per day. There are viewpoints around the reserve, areas for resting and relaxing and hiking trails. Travessia da Serra is the main trail, going for over 2 kilometers along the ridge. It is the most demanding of the paths, so visitors going on this trail must be accompanied by one of the park rangers. The views from the trail are amazing, and you can observe the rich variety of plants and animals in this place where the Brazilian grasslands meets the Atlantic forest.

    Avenida José do Patrocínio Pontes, 1951
    Belo Horizonte, 30210-000

    »Mangabeiras Park

    Mangabeiras is the largest green area in Belo Horizonte, located at the foot of the Curral Hills at 1,000 meters above sea level. This is a conservation area dedicated to the preservation and study of native ecosystems. The leisure area of the park includes sports courts, skateboarding ramps, arenas for theater and music shows and playgrounds. In the protected part of the park, you will find a large number of both native and exotic species. Special highlights are the few trees remaining from the Atlantic Forest, like jequitibá, and small mammals such as marmosets, armadillos and coatis. There are also a number of river sources that integrate the Sao Francisco Basin.

    Avenida José do Patrocínio Pontes, 580
    Belo Horizonte, 30220-260

    »Guanabara Carnival

    Like most fairs back in the day, Guanabara used to move from city to city. It traveled around Brazil for the first couple of decades of its existence until it got to Belo Horizonte in 1964 and the owner decided to stay there permanently. It retains some vintage characteristics such as Monga, the girl-to-gorilla sideshow, the House of Mirrors and House of Terror. Other classic rides that can be found at Guanabara are the carousel, pirate ship, bumper cars, teacups and a big Ferris wheel, the second tallest in Latin America. Located by the Pampulha Lake, the Carnival also has a food court and an arcade with all sorts of games. They have special deals for birthdays and do corporate events too.

    Avenida Otacílio Negrão de Lima, 3333
    Belo Horizonte, 31365-450

    »Pampulha Zoo

    The Pampulha Zoo first opened in 1959, but it has been part of the Zoobotanical Foundation of Belo Horizonte since 1991, covering an area of 1.4 million square meters by Pampulha Lake. There are over 200 species of native and exotic animals, including birds, insects, mammals and reptiles. The biggest attractions are the new couple of gorillas, Brazilian tropical fauna (jaguars, caymans and boa constrictors) and the first butterfly garden in South America, with over 2,000 species of butterflies. The largest fresh water aquarium in Brazil is also located in the same grounds, but a separate ticket is required for that. There is free entry on Tuesdays.

    Avenida Otacílio Negrão de Lima, 8000
    Belo Horizonte, 31365-450
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